Stand with the Guatemalan Church in Fervent Prayer

Note: This post was originally located on the author's seminary blog and is now reposted here on Mayan Orthodoxy for background info.

Dear friends,

This post comes after a long pause, but I write it with an urgent request for prayer.

As most of you know, I spent summer of 2012 living in Guatemala with the Mayan Orthodox Christians in the mountains. I fell in love with the leader of the Mayan communities: Fr. Andres Giron. This man has spent his life fighting for the rights of the Mayan natives, traveling by car and by foot through horrible mountain roads to visit the villages, and even facing assassination attempts for his defense of the native people. He is a father to thousands of natives, and he became like a father to me during my months in Guatemala. I cannot describe this man's love, which shines with joy through every wrinkle on his weathered face.

To my deep sadness, I recently received news that Fr. Andres is sick. I do not want to go into details in a public post, but I am begging you to keep this incredible man in your prayers. Please, pray fervently for Fr. Andres that God will heal him, and pass this prayer request on to others who can stand with the Mayan Orthodox Christians in prayer.

Thank you so much!

Fr. Andres Giron: