Fr. Andres Giron—memory eternal!

Note: This post was originally located on the author's seminary blog and is now reposted here on Mayan Orthodoxy for background info.

Many of you have been keeping Fr. Andres in your prayers, along with all of the people in his flock in Guatemala and Southern Mexico. Thank you for your prayers. With a heavy heart, I now give you this final update. Fr. Andres passed away in the Lord yesterday morning in the hospital in Guatemala City. His loss will reverberate throughout the hundreds of Mayan communities that he upheld as a shepherd and father. Thousands of people have lost their beloved leader who fought for their most basic needs, such as land and food, and guided them towards Christ. I am so thankful that I was blessed to know this man of the people, and I am heartbroken to lose him. 

While this will be a sorrowful time and a difficult transition for the people living in Guatemala and Mexico, we also must accept that it is the will of God. So many people have been praying for God's will in the time of Fr. Andres' sickness, and God has chosen to receive Fr. Andres into his arms in the blessed hope of eternal life in His Kingdom. I am confident that Fr. Andres will always stand before God in tears and supplication for the native people he loved so dearly. Please stand there with him, before God, by praying for the Mayan Orthodox people who have lost their leader. And pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Andres Giron. What a man, so full of love and joy. May his memory be eternal!

Two articles from Guatemalan news sources concerning Fr. Andres' passing:
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