Fr. Andres, leader of Guatemalan Orthodox, visits North America

Note: This post was originally located on the author's seminary blog and is now reposted here on Mayan Orthodoxy for background info.

Fr. Andres, the charismatic leader of the new Guatemalan Orthodox Church, touched down in Boston last week to spread the word about the Guatemalan Church. He spent a week at Holy Cross/Hellenic College (Nov 5-9), where he spoke at the annual Missions Week, organized by the Missions Institute. He was accompanied by Fr. John Chakos, the O.C.M.C. missionary priest who is helping to catechize the newly chrismated Orthodox in Guatemala. Fr. Andres and Fr. John delivered a public lecture on Nov. 8th about the Guatemalan Church, entitled "Mission to Guatemala: Receiving the Mayan People Into the Orthodox Church."

You can view the full lecture and Q and A session online. Take a look below:


The Presentation

The Q and A Session