In 2010, one Guatemalan priest entered the Orthodox Church after a lifetime of struggle for his native flock. Over the next years, thousands of Mayans followed him into the Church, turning a new page in their incredible story.

Mayan Orthodoxy is a gathering place for the pages of that story. It brings all the links and details about the Mayan communities together in one place, so that you can follow their story and stand with the church. Learn about the people through the FAQ page.  Explore the geography of the church through an interactive map. Follow news from the missionaries as they help the people grow into a native faith—a truly Mayan Orthodoxy.

The Author

Jesse Brandow (second to left) is a long-term missionary candidate. He created Mayan Orthodoxy out of love for the native communities and to help the worldwide Church connect to the people and the work of all the missionaries. You can follow Jesse's updates on Facebook or on his blog.


The missionaries working in Guatemala are commissioned by the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC), a pan-Orthodox organization endorsed by the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops. OCMC exists to enable all Orthodox of North America to respond to the missionary calling by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the entire world. For more info on missions or to inquire about becoming a missionary, see the OCMC website.

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